Friday, April 27, 2012

Insurance Companies HAVE to do it rebate $1.3 BILLION to their insured. - WSJ. 4-27-12

If Insurance companies want to be a part of Obamacare they must agree to -
“Under the law, insurers must spend 80% of premiums from individuals and small businesses, and 85% of those from large employers, on health-care claims and quality improvement efforts. The rest can go toward other things, including administrative expenses and profits.”
They are NOT forced to, but if they want to participate they MUST follow the rules.
Health insurers will have to rebate about $1.3 billion to consumers and employers this summer, “
Here are the Cheaters -

The Goldman analysis found that this year
Aetna Inc.
AET -8.94% will pay out around $177 million in rebates on eligible premium revenues that totaled $11 billion.

UNH -0.85% Group Inc. will owe about $307 million on $28.8 billion in eligible premiums, and

WellPoint Inc. WLP -1.49% will pay out around $94 million on $33.2 billion.

Now, someone, tell me Obamacare is NOT a good thing.

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