Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don't like liberals?
Fine, then give us back ...
Our clean air and water standards,
worker safety protections,
the 40 hour work week,
the Social Security program,
the civil rights movement,
the equal rights movement,
the free speech movement,
discrimination protections,
the school lunch program,
birth control,
Rural Electrification,
organized labor,
child labor laws,
the minimum wage,
employee's Health Care benefits,
public assistance,
Americans with disabilities act,
fair housing legislation,
the freedom of information act,
the voting rights act,
food and drug safety,
federally subsidized student loans,
collective bargaining,
Health Care for All,
consumer protection,
wall street regulation...
And everything else we have done the power back in the hands of the individual and out of the hands of the ruling and corporate elite.

Ken Jarvis - Author of - The Most POWERFUL Person, in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. On Facebook - On Twitter

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