Friday, May 6, 2011

WSJ today - 5-6-11 From the Editorial OnLine page -

WSJ today - 5-6-11
From the Editorial OnLine page -
A BS Celebration - "
Indiana's Great Education Leap The Hoosier State passes vouchers and dissolves teacher tenure."
You have to PAY to read it all. 

"Show the Proof, Mr. President - Americans don't want to 'spike the ball.' They want to show they crossed the goal line." - Peggy Noonan - And OLD Reagan Speech Writer.

Obama's 'Gangster Politics' - The president is about to order companies that do business with the federal government to disclose their political donations." - Write to Strassel

Kudos on Getting bin Laden, but I Still Need a Job

JOHN FUND ON THE TRAIL - In Quinnipiac's last poll, voters disapprove of President Obama's handling of the economy."

WSJ Motto - The News is GOOD, 
and THAT is what Has me Worried. 
Let me know if YOU want on it. 

All Campaigning should be done on the Internet - 
Twitter, FBook, Blog, Web Site, YouTube, and Email. 

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